As an entrepreneur, father, and someone who wants to truly make a difference and leave a lasting impact with those I interact with I usually feel about once a week that I am simply not living any where near my potential and am under achieving to a significant degree which ultimately pisses me off incredibly.  Perhaps you too have felt that way, just bothered by your lack of getting the job done.  I have learned from a lot of mentors who are much more successful than I am 3 keys that lead you to success.  Before I jump in to those 3 keys I think it’s important to understand that your ultimate desires or aspirations will have much to say about your ultimate success as well.  For example one of my mentors has a goal of owning $500 Million in real estate and having a net worth of at least $100 million and so all of his daily decisions are ultimately guided and driven by his long term goals.  Another well known entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk has an ultimate goal to buy the New York Jets, a feat that will certainly require that he be worth several hundred million if not a billion dollars and so again his daily decisions are based on his roadmap of whether that particular decision will take him to that end game.

#1:  Write Down Your Goals Daily

Several very successful people I have studied are incredibly consistent at writing down their goals every morning and making decisions each day on whether those decisions will lead them to these goals.  We are all bombarded with negativity and challenges on a daily basis and having those positive goals there to reinforce our mind frame to push forward through the crap that we constantly face is vital and frankly extremely important if we wish to get where we want to get to.

#2  Control Your Thoughts

At certain times in our lives we may confront especially difficult problems whether they are problems that arise in our family, with health, or of course financial burdens and to overcome these issues that are smacking us in the face each day we have to get good at quickly shifting from those negatives to the solutions and the steps to follow to get to the solutions.  This sounds simple, and frankly it’s not that difficult, it just requires remembering to shift back to solutions and back to #1 our goals that we are focused on.  For me, nothing helps me control my thoughts and help me overcome those depths of despair thoughts that drag me down to a hellish existence like reviewing my goals, I literally feel a million times better when I review those goals and then can lose myself in the tasks required to make my dreams and goals reality!

#3  Manage Your Time

In today’s electronic world it has really never been easier to waste your entire life away by flushing your most valuable asset down the drain each day which is time.  I know a lot of parents that don’t want their kids on social media and spending time on the xbox.  Yet, those same parents may spend 3 hours a day being mesmerized by tv shows that consume valuable time that could be spent teaching their kids or learning new skills or building a business that truly matters that could provide financial freedom for generations to come, but they are not willing to sacrifice their time on netflix or on amazon.

So to recap, write down your goals daily, control your thoughts and manage your time and do each of these each day and you will accomplish your goals and tasks with greater efficiency!