One of the biggest epidemics is that we constantly lie to ourselves. ‘Excucitis’  is a little disease that lives inside each of us. 90 percent of the country are not making six figures.  Being self aware is being honest with your shortcomings.

Be aware of your weaknesses and bring in other experts that fill the gap in those areas and always be learning from those around you. Don’t be afraid to take honest constructive criticism. The majority of the population live with excuses to make themselves feel better.

Being self aware is vital to having a successful business. Find the weak areas and make them strong! Remember, it’s okay to fail and make mistakes. Pick yourself up and learn from what went wrong. You really only ever fail if you give up.

Look for mentors and those who have already crossed the peaks that you are looking to climb.  Be self aware of new skills that you must learn.  We often have this idea that being humble is about staying quiet and acting somewhat introverted and from what I have constantly seen from incredibly successful people is that they were bold in looking for mentors and books to teach them to accomplish what they want to do.  Yet they were humble enough to look for the answers by digging deep to find mentors and in particular information online and hidden in key books that will guide them to success.  That means you must be self aware of your strengths and the knowledge you are missing so that you can find it in a mentor or books.

For example, let’s say you have a teenager or two that is becoming difficult for you to manage and guide to success.  IF you are humble that means you will dig into great books of experts who have figured out some simple keys that lead to success with raising teenagers.  This is true really with any topic that you wish to gain mastery over so don’t hold back, go for it, make it happen, be aggressive in searching for others who have succeeded where you want to.  Be opportunistic in looking for mentors.  Today in church I came across a big time real estate developer and you can bet that I will bring value to his life so that I can earn time and wisdom from him.  Life is that simple, find mentors, tell yourself the truth and know your strengths and weaknesses and you will rise above it all!