So when it comes to your health there are not many priorities that rank higher.  You can have all of the power and money in the world and it will all mean absolutely nothing if you do not have good health to enjoy it.  Indeed no matter what is most important to you whether that is family, recreation or good ol-fashioned hard work to have good health is to be able to enjoy what you love.  So that said let’s take a look at some of the keys to good health today including diet, exercise and planning and focus.


Ok so we have all at various times experimented with a multitude of diets, so what is really effective?  The truth is that it completely depends on what your goals and focus are.  For example if you are looking to lose weight and fat and become more lean which the majority of the population is trying to do then a more refined diet is needed.  However, if you are looking to increase muscle mass and grow muscle size then your diet will differentiate substantially from that of someone looking to lose weight.  Let’s focus on what most people are looking to accomplish which is to lose fat, excess weight and increase energy.  I have spent countless hours researching this and when I was overweight and out of shape I found the following formula to be absolutely effective at cutting that nasty gunk and grime we call fat cells.  There are essentially 2 items in the foods we eat that absolutely lead to that frustrating spare tire, they are starches and sugars.  Starches refer to those tasty breads, pastas, cereals, french fries and most italian foods that provide energy but very few health benefits.  These foods are more difficult to digest, they slow down our metabolism and frankly put us to sleep.  Have you ever gone out to lunch at that great Italian place and then afterwards wanted nothing more than to take a long nap?  The reason is that starches simply slow us down from a physical standpoint.  Sugars while not having the negative slow down effect that their sisters carbs have have a similar impact on the fat cells we take on.  Sauces, sweets, candies, cakes, ice cream and any food with corn syrup and fructose are all foods that are going to often lead to unwanted fat gain.  So at this point you’re saying wow, this really sucks a lot of my favorite foods lead to straight up fat gain, yes this is sadly true, there are now more than ever tasty alternatives that I will share with you in future posts.  Bottom line you must focus on consuming lots of veggies, most fruits and lean meats, I love what one fitness coach said, “if man makes it don’t eat it, if nature makes it, eat it up!”  Suffice it to say you’re going to need to dig deeper and focus on avoiding starches and sugars if you want to kill the spare tire around your waist.


There are a plethora and I do mean plethora of workout options in existence today and each of them is going to be better than sitting you butt on your couch and doing nothing day after day, but to get the best results there are some things to keep in mind.  Many workouts are either focused on cardio vascular (cardio) activity that gets you moving and your heart pumping or they are all about strength training.  What I have found to be most effective is a combination of both.  So 2-3 times a week I will do cardio and 2-3 times a week I will do strength training.  I typically rotate each day, so on Monday I may do cardio for 30 minutes and then, the next day on Tuesday I will do strength training.  Adding a little yoga, martial arts and pilates once a week can be extremely beneficial and lead to stronger joints and tendons.


The number one reason that the majority of Americans and good people around the world are overweight and obese is not because they are lazy, but because they simply do not schedule their diet and exercise plan.  The key to success with anything is to have a concise time when you make your game plan, the New England Patriots and their outstanding coaching staff have every minute of their practice and game film study planned to the t, there is no wasted time or movement everything is done with purpose, if you want to be physically fit then you need goals and schedules, if you know you work from 9 to 5 Monday thru Friday and that you must leave your house by 8:30 am to get to work on time, then you either need to schedule your workout at 6:30 or 7:00 am or 6;30 or 7:00 pm at night.  For most people there isn’t a snow ball’s chance in hell that they will work out after a grueling day at the office so working out first thing in the morning is the best time, if you schedule it then the fitness will come.  Additionally with your diet if you don’t plan out your means and what you will buy at the grocery store then plan on failing at your fitness.  You should plan out your meals and groceries at least once a week to stay on target.


Well that is a solid generic game plan that will lead to being healthy, hot and fit!

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