Leo Kanell discusses the best funding and financing options available for entrepreneurs in 2016. For more tips and info regarding funding for entrepreneurs go to www.leokanell.com.

For the majority of business startups bootstrapping is most often the path taken to launch your new business. For most they are under capitalized which puts them in a tremendously vulnerable position. In this video Leo Kanell explains the top 3 trending options for startup businesses to secure funding. These are options that can be available to any entrepreneur.
That said, some of these startup funding options are easier than others. So by following the newest movements with lenders you will increase your odds for successfully securing capital significantly. Leo Kanell teaches entrepreneurs how to creatively secure affordable financing to fuel the growth of their new or existing business. Nothing puts a smile on his face like knowing that the latest entrepreneur was able to secure funding and launch their business thanks to his expert guidance on the subject of startup business funding.