Putting together a top notch business in today’s world comes with certain checklists that you must cross off if you want to successful.  You need a solid website, a blog, lots of social media pages that attract followers and to be truly effective it certainly is a good idea to do some press releases and spend some money on them.

So the last several weeks I have been working on doing just that, getting everything just right.  I put together a solid video to inspire my clients interested in starting a business, I built a website, and of course set up decent social media accounts.  With all of those items taken care of I next proceeded to write an article for a massive press release.  The article came together well and was accepted to be released.  The day after it was released I was pleased to see that various news organizations including tv and news organizations like the Boston Globe and Miami Herald had all picked it up.  I started clicking through some of the press releases of my article and noted some odd pictures of my twitter page with a profile picture not of myself, but of my daughter.  Next I saw that my youtube channel had several odd likes and comments about “mako mermaids.”  At that moment it became clear that my 10 year old daughter had hacked my social media accounts and posted what she liked on them including replacing my picture with a much better one of herself.  Hilarious indeed, but somewhat unfortunate given the investment in the press release.

The moral to this story is to make sure that you communicate with all of your kids about the power of social media and how it should be used effectively especially as they grow up.  Social media can have powerful positive and negative effects for us all.  So this little blog will be posted on each of my social media sites and may it serve as a lesson for us all to be more aware of our need to talk with our kids about social media.