So there is a mindset in the world that dominates most people it is known as the scarcity mindset vs the abundance mindset, unfortunately this type of thinking is what keeps us from starting or growing a business or from investing money into improving ourselves, it also leads us to believe that because someone else we know has succeeded that it is now less likely for me to succeed.

Probably 90% of the world subscribe to the scarcity mindset, while the other 10% believe in an abundant mindset, this video is all about finding those differences and becoming part of the abundant mindset. The 10% of those that believe in the abundant mindset oddly have these incredibly positive experiences that come their way. when they confront challenges or problems they do not allow those hurdles to keep them down for long, let’s look at why this is.

Unfortunately most of us were raised on a scarcity mindset. There isn’t enough success to go around if someone wins, then you have to lose, if the Jones are doing well financially then many people are not and therefore we are not doing well. Terms like we can’t afford it, just be grateful for what you have become the norm and this is downright depressing because we fight the thought of being ungrateful and also at the same time being satisfied with mediocrity. Neither of which is what we want. The good news is it is so possible to be grateful and yet not subscribe to accepting mediocrity, but believing in an abundant planet where there is infinite success. You’ve probably heard more people say we can’t afford it before. This terminology goes direct to the problem of scarcity mindset. Yes, right now you might not want to purchase that $50 steak, however when you focus on creating abundance in your life and realize it is possible and if you focus on doing so by starting a business or working at a startup with incredible opportunities now your mindset begins to change and so does your ability to create an abundant life. Enjoy the video and live an abundant life.