You may ask yourself how is it that in the last 240 years has the world in general progressed so incredibly with technology and improving the way we live as humanity.  According to Leo Kanell the truth is it all begins with freedom, there is a reason that technology did not evolve quite so rapidly under certain elements of time versus others.  For example, much of the development began with the Italian renaissance where there was sufficient freedom to develop new products and inventions.  Many great artists and scientists like Leonardo Da Vinci (who Leo Kanell was named after) and Michaelangelo came during that time.  Where there is true freedom the opportunity to prosper exists.

So with such unprecedented freedom in existence in society today in the year 2015 how is it that so many people really still live with so little freedom.  To me freedom is the ability to make our own choices, maybe that means I’m not going to work tomorrow, but will instead go wakeboarding on the lake with my family all day.  Perhaps it means that I will travel to learn more about a new culture or way of life.  In reality though the majority of people are not free to make such decisions and we all know exactly why that is.  Leo Kanell says it is because the majority of the population is subservient to those that control and mange their own enterprises.  I’m not telling you anything you don’t already know, but to obtain true freedom it all begins with one question, are you an employer or an employee?  It really is that simple, either I work to create my own freedom through wealth creation or I am working to help someone else create their freedom through my efforts.

In the Count of Monte Cristo novel, Napoleon Bonaparte truthfully states, “in life we are kings or pawns.”  Truer words were never spoken, so which will it be for you, king or pawn?