When it comes to Funding your business, you must first begin by building a business foundation.

Your business foundation is when your business is in compliance with basic tenets that most businesses have such as:

  1. Incorporate your business with you secretary of State department in the state you choose.
  2. Get an EIN (Tax ID) so you are registered in the IRS system as a business and other databases.
  3. Set up a business bank account.
  4. List your business with business directories
  5. Set up profiles with the major business credit bureaus like D & B, Business Experian and Equifax Business.
  6. Set up a business website and email (hint don’t use a gmail email.)
  7. Make sure you use the same address, business name and email address for each listing on all business documents including the business bank account, the EIN, the Secretary of state and so forth.
  8. Get appropriate City or County business licenses.
  9. Set up Social media pages for your business at least with Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn at the minimum.

By doing these simple steps now your business has a chance to receive funding.